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OLi KH30 Subwoofer


OLi KH30 Introduction

The OLi Series subwoofer will amaze with its thunderous performance, stunning cosmetics, and remarkable ease of use. The OLi Subwoofer features an 8” forward firing active woven fibre driver resulting in unbelievably powerful yet controlled bass output.



  • Rear Controls and Ports
  • Available in two colours: Black, White
  • 8-inch Active Woofer
  • Magnetic Grill
  • Rear Controls and Ports
  • Frequency Response: 40Hz~200KHz
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Product Description

Volume and Crossover controls are located on the rear panel, along with Phase settings, (0° – 180°), RCA jack audio inputs and banana plug speaker terminals. The large heat sink ensures reliable operation.

Main Features / Specification:

  • Design:
  • Magnetic Grill
  • 8” Active Woofer
  • Impedance: 4 Ohms
  • Sensitivity: 88dB
  • Frequency Response: 40Hz-200KHz
  • Max Power Handling: 200Watts
  • Dimensions:
  • 298mm x 298mm x 343mm
  • Weight: 14.5kg

Additional information


Matte Black, White

3 reviews for OLi KH30 Subwoofer

  1. Andy

    This is a fantastic subwoofer and great value for money.
    I bought this product primarily to incorporate into my existing hifi system to improve the sound quality of the bass when listening to vinyl.
    I was generally happy with my setup as it was but had some limitations in terms of space so was continuing to use bookshelf speakers, as floorstanding ones were not an option for me.
    I had read some good feedback for the OLi KH30s online in various forums and retail websites and decided to give it a go.
    I was not disappointed. The sound of my records has been greatly enhanced with much more depth and clarity from the bass compared to before.
    The setup was relatively easy too. I had no subwoofer output on my amplifier so took the L-R output signals from there to the subwoofer and then from the subwoofer to the bookshelf speakers. I used 14 AWG speaker cable throughout. The cable can be connected to the subwoofer using banana plug terminations or clamping on the bare wire. I went with the recommended guidance to place the subwoofer between the two bookshelf speakers although it is slightly off-centre due to other factors. The sound preferences are up to the individual listener but I have set the crossover at around 80 Hz with the subwoofer volume about 60% max and think it sounds incredible.
    The unit looks great and was a perfect fit for one of the floor level compartments on my shelving unit. I have also connected a TV to the amplifier and the subwoofer also sounds perfect in that 2.1 setup. It comes with 4 screw-in cone-shaped mounting feet. The points on these feet are quite sharp and probably not suitable for wooden floors or surfaces. It did not come with spacers or washers that could prevent damage to wooden surfaces but I found it fairly easy to improvise a solution to this.
    Overall, it is a really great product for the price and size. Highly recommended.

  2. Antoniowaf

    This third-generation OLi range features two floorstanders, the RA4 and smaller RA3, plus two bookshelf models, the RA2 and RA1 £400, £300, £150 and £100 per pair respectively. The £100 C30 centre and £250 KH30 subwoofer complete the lineup. That comes in at a wallet-friendly £850.

  3. Antoniowaf

    The OLi Subwoofer functions an 8′ ahead firing active woven fibre driver resulting in unbelievably highly effective however managed bass output. Quantity and Crossover controls are positioned on the rear panel, alongside with Section settings, – a hundred and eighty , RCA jack audio inputs and banana plug speaker terminals. The massive heat sink makes certain reliable operation.

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