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The Roth Sub Zero II represents excellent value for money

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“The Roth Sub Zero II represents excellent value for money”

TrustedReviews, the UK’s biggest online technology review website, rates the Sub Zero II 9/10 for value!

“Loud, bassy sound is hugely enjoyable with movies, music and TV”

SubZero II Sound Bar

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“Great for action movies and a gaming session, the tight bass of the Sub Zero II also lends it to dance music.”

Mixmag website gives the Roth Sub Zero II a great review in November 2014. is the website of the world’s biggest dance music and clubbing magazine, and receives over 1,000,000 impressions and over 450,000 unique users each month.

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“The sound is great.”

The June 2016 issue of Q, the ultimate guide to modern music, delivers a tremendous review of the Roth Sub Zero III.