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Roth Audio speakers have a loyal following and we receive plenty of positive feedback from reviewers, professional as well as public. Some of these are published by our resellers such as Richer Sounds and Amazon but more and more are created people like you, at home with passion and a video camera.

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Roth Audio VA4 Pair of Active Speakers – White

Okay, I have had these for over 2 years now and I feel like I can give a fair rundown of why these speakers polarise reviewers.The sound is good, flat even at default settings which is exactly what I want. You can get great lows and highs with some tweaks with the remote or with APO on a PC which is my preferred method of EQing. The build quality is about what you would expect at this price point, not incredible but pretty solid. The USB port on the back is really handy and I use it constantly. The bluetooth function is pretty much useless. It has an awful noise/crackle which is a known problem with bluetooth but has been solved in much cheaper devices. The remote has kept working just fine but there will definitely be a problem in the long term with Roth not making available replacements for sale on their website and apparently ignoring anyone who enquires about it, this is seriously bad, there are no control buttons on the speakers themselves for the bass/treble so once this remote dies you are S.O.L.Overall these speakers fit my niche perfectly – I EQ externally, I don’t need the bluetooth function, they are white and are cheap. But for others whose decision to buy hangs on bluetooth you should stay well away.

Note: Roth Audio replacement remotes are available for the Spares section on the website.